Internet Monitor

Monitor internet activity in your company
See how much money your company is losing
Identify time wasting websites

Why our Internet Monitor?

Get daily, weekly and monthly reports of website usage from your company’s computers.
Internet monitor - see how much time is wasted by your employees on the Internet.

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'Free for both commercial and personal use and works like charm!', Sam Lukewind, PCNews

Internet Monitor


Monitor internet activity with free monitoring software:

  • Get detailed report of internet activity on company or home computers
  • Chose to get daily, monthly or weekly report
  • Discover which sites are "productivity killers"
  • See how much money is lost on time wasting sites

Who wants to use Gold Monitor software?

  • Companies that want to use internet monitor to track internet activity of employees
  • Company owners who want to reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Parents who want to protect children and supervise their internet usage
  • Individuals who want to discover time wasting websites

Why to use our monitoring software

  • It is totally free
  • Simple to install and use
  • Shows you how much money are you loosing
  • Your kids will be safer online
  • Helps you to discover time wasting websites
  • It is well tested and proven to work WinXP SP2 and later OS
  • It has more than 450000 satisfied users


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Benefits of using AxiomCoders Internet monitor:

Maximize productivity of employees

  • Identify websites that are affecting productivity in company
  • Increase the responsibility and commitment to work of employees

Reduce costs in company caused by time wasting sites:

  • See how much money the company loses because of surfing the Internet instead of working
  • Get a report of daily, weekly, monthly losses

Maximize your own productivity

  • Investigate how much time are you spending on addictive sites that affects your productivity
  • Get a report on the amount of money that have you lost by visiting particular sites instead of working
  • Keep your kids safe online

  • Find out whether your children are visiting dangerous sites or not
  • Discover if they are addicted to some websites

Practical Use Cases

"Michael has a Press Clipping company. He is not satisfied with productivity of his employees. He decided to use Gold Monitor to find out if some distracting websites are reason for lack of productivity. Gold Monitor shows him that employees are spending 1 hour and 23 minutes every day on Facebook and Twitter."


"Deborah is a mother of two teenagers. She is aware of all dangers related to internet and decided to use internet filter to track online activity of her children. She uses Gold Monitor to see if they visit potentially dangerous websites."


"Mike i s a parent of 13 year old kid. His child has lot of homework that should be done on computer. He uses Gold Monitor to discover are there some addictive websites that discourage his son from homework."


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